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Published: December 2023

 In Europe and worldwide, digital services are subject to rapidly increasing regulatory oversight. Legislation such as the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA),Ireland’s Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022 and the UK’s Online Safety Act 2023 create significant new responsibilities, especially in relation to child users.

Please read our perspective at Praesidio on the key themes and areas of focus across new and emerging child online safety standards.  If you want to speak to us about any of these issues, please get in touch!

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Making Sense of Media

Ofcom’s ‘Making Sense of Media’ programme aims to develop the digital knowledge, awareness, and the resilience of those living in disadvantaged communities. Our project – commissioned by Ofcom as part of the Making Sense of Media programme – aims to educate children and young people about ‘persuasive technology’.  The toolkit we used, and the evaluation of our approach can be found here.

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Child ‘self-generated’ sexual material online: Children and young people’s perspectives

Published: May 2023

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Watch these animated videos featuring children’s voices

Age assurance technologies and inclusion consideration

Published: March 2023

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Exploring effective prevention education responses to dangerous online challenges

Published: November 2021