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Leading and designing the future of safeguarding Learn more See our training brochure Offering strategies and creative solutions to safeguarding problems Bespoke training on a range of safeguarding issues Working with organisations to conduct complex investigations Specialists in safeguarding and the online environment

Praesidio is an independent safeguarding agency which delivers strategic advice, research, training and investigations. We are at the cutting edge of policy development and innovation and we offer a range of services to help organisations improve their systems and approaches.

Strategic Advice

We offer assessment and review of safeguarding culture, policy and procedure. We create solutions to reduce, prevent and respond to risks and challenging incidents.

Research and Insight

We offer a range of sensitive and ethical approaches to research and discovery, to help organisations understand and manage the safeguarding issues or policy challenges they face. We use a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods.


We work with organisations to support, review or conduct particularly complex safeguarding investigations that benefit from specialist experience and skills and an independent perspective.

Case Review

We undertake reviews of strategic and operational practice. This can include individual cases as well as broader concerns facing an organisation


We design and deliver training for organisations based on their particular needs with themed sessions on digital and specialist safeguarding


We develop resources for organisations that need to communicate safeguarding messages to specific audiences. These include digital, film and education materials for children, professionals and organisations.

We provide organisations with strategic advice, research and insight, investigations including case and thematic reviews, training and communication