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Praesidio offer a range of safeguarding consultancy services that fit your needs and we hope to share our knowledge with you to provide you with confidence and reassurance about how your organisation is running.

We offer support to NGOs and charities both in the UK and internationally. This includes up to date reviews of child protection and safeguarding policy and practice as well as specialist support around the safe and positive use of the internet and new technologies.

We offer reviews of historical cases to identify outstanding safeguarding issues within casework and assist in planning and recommendations to develop safer settings moving forwards. We also offer knowledge sharing on the latest understanding of the threat posed by offenders and clear tactical advice on how charities can strengthen their services and make them safer.

Our team also has considerable experience of international safeguarding, working effectively with international law enforcement, social services, and specialist trusted NGOs and charities to keep children safe.

We offer a range of safeguarding services:

Case reviews of historic cases and identification of outstanding safeguarding actions including any onward referrals to be made
Safeguarding review of policy, procedures and culture in your organisation with recommendations for change and improvement as well as highlighting where you are doing well
Face to face training or input with groups of staff, in small group sessions or larger group
Step by step advice around difficult live cases
Advice on engagement and support for victims or survivors
Reassurance around the latest issues, offering resilience against the latest threats and concerns and sharing understanding of the latest safeguarding requirements for your organisation
Specialist knowledge of online threats and international cases

“We know that offenders often target charities and NGOs because organisations working under pressure may not be in a position to provide as much supervision or scrutiny. Reversing this dynamic is about good policy and procedures, clear standards and frameworks for safeguarding but it is above all about the culture you choose to build. Praesidio will help you make your organisation an unworkable place for those who want to abuse others”.

Dr Zoe Hilton, Praesidio Safeguarding